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Be a participant; Speak up; Be heard  

  While at times, it may not seem like it, you do have a say in what kind of life you - we - can have. The thing is, it takes participation. There is no they running things. It's some of us out there on Capitol Hill, in the White House, lobbying, in local government..making decisions that affect our lives.

Get involved - whatever the issue, whether you are satisfied with the status quo, or are looking for a complete change of direction: speak up; be heard. If you're reading this, then you're only a couple keystrokes from contacting your representatives. Don't let them - us! - make decisions without your voice being heard!!

There is no guarantee that contacting your reps get you what you what you want, but not speaking up leaves it all up to those who do speak up. What would change if 200 million people each picked two issues and spoke up about them?

  Get Into the Game - Run for Office
The White House Project is committed to changing the cultural climate so the public will see women leaders differently, which will create more opportunities for women's leadership in this country.

Culture and media have immense power to shape our perceptions of the world. Creating positive media images of women leaders is an important first step in shifting the political and cultural climate so that women in powerful roles become commonplace and accepted in today's society.

People often mimic the images, trends and ideas they glean from pop culture. Thus, changing the perceptions within the popular culture can be a precursor to challenging and changing stereotypes that hold women back from becoming full political participants. Promoting more positive images of women in leadership roles will be a catalyst to making it absolutely normal in the eyes of the press and the public for women to ascend to the roles of CEOs, governors and ultimately the presidency.

Visit the White House Project web site to learn more about how we can change the culture.

Are you registered to vote?

The Vagina Vote
The Vagina Vote is an act of imagination. It is an act of faith. It is the belief that a new paradigm can manifest itself in a political as well as a spiritual form. It is a decision to ask those running for office as well as those already in office to make ending violence, domination, invasion, and occupation the focus of their work on a domestic and international level. Read Eve Ensler's essay.
  Web sites that keep you in touch with your representatives
Check out your representatives and how they've been voting on your behalf. Just enter your zip code and hit Go to see a scorecard of your reps recent votes.

- House of Representatives

www.senate.gov - The Senate

www.thomas.loc.gov - Get information on the status of Bills under consideration

www.congress.org - contact your reps

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