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    vagina style  

  vagina style 70

  vagina style 70

  What's your current vagina style method?


  Has it changed over the years?

  Yes! I used to just trim enuf to wear a bathing suit, then enuf to wear a thong, then I included the "backdoor", then shaved my lips (Which were so smooth, I pet them for days!) and now it's just a small triangle on the mound.

  When was the first time you thought of your vagina look?

  When the pubes came in. Ugh!!

  Where did you learn about your options?

  My mom, then friends, then the internet.

  DIY - or salon?



  Got any great styling stories to tell?

  My boyfriend found my lips as pet-able as I did and gave me an unbelievable "yoni massage"!

  Compared to hair, face, body, fitness -
how important to you is your vagina style routine?
(a) for everyday
  Up there with my hair on my head!

  (b) prior to an evening of romance

  Same as Above!

  So, now that we've got hair handled, is there anything else on vagina grooming, or adornment you'd like to add?

  Using products with tea tree oil helps with bumps, pimples or yeast!
Vaginol is a great product for all of the above!

  Anything you'd like to ask?


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