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  vagina style 71

  vagina style 71

  What's your current vagina style method?


  Has it changed over the years?

  I never shaved it until I was 16 and went swimming. My cousin Ricky came and told me I was "showing my bush" I realized my suit had crept up. Went home and never did shave.

  When was the first time you thought of your vagina look?

  After the above situation happened I realized I should do something. But I didn't till I got to college.

  Where did you learn about your options?

  When I got to college, I was in a small fashion show. About 15 of us girls got together and discussed stuff. Some waxed but most all shaved.

  DIY - or salon?



  Got any great styling stories to tell?

  The VERY first shave was done by my friend boyfriend with her watching. He had trimmed her pubes and like six other girls. He wasn't all freaky about it but just did it. I told him to shave it all off and it was so nice. I only recently have let it grow back. I had John shave it off about four times a year. It was really weird one night when him and his wife (my friend) stopped by. All I had to do was ask and he shaved me..

  Compared to hair, face, body, fitness -
how important to you is your vagina style routine?
(a) for everyday
  No big deal.

  (b) prior to an evening of romance

  I trim it a bit myself but I dont shave it smooth like John does for me. I just get to nervous I will cut myself.

  So, now that we've got hair handled, is there anything else on vagina grooming, or adornment you'd like to add?

  With a little hair on it my lips dont stick to my underwear.

  Anything you'd like to ask?

  Do you feel uncomfortable having it groomed at a salon?

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