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    vagina style  

  vagina style 73

  vagina style 73

  What's your current vagina style method?


  Has it changed over the years?

  I never thought I would shave it--it seemed so vain and unnatural. But one time in the shower, I was trimming it and just kept going shorter and shorter until...nothin left! I keep it pretty much clean shaven to some degree these days.

  When was the first time you thought of your vagina look?

  When I got my first boyfriend. Go figure.

  Where did you learn about your options?

  I guess through seeing other "styles" in pornos or magazines that I happened upon once in awhile. Until I saw them, I didn't even realize women shaved--my mother never did.

  DIY - or salon?



  Got any great styling stories to tell?

  I have fond memories of trying to shave in the shower in the dorms during college. Manuvering around the gross walls while trying to contort and bend your arms into pretzels to get the right angles. I'm glad to have a real shower now. Much more wiggle room.

  Compared to hair, face, body, fitness -
how important to you is your vagina style routine?
(a) for everyday
  I shave about once a week or once every other week, more in the summer. It's the first thing I skip if I'm short on time, but I like to keep it somewhat managable.

  (b) prior to an evening of romance

  I like to be very smooth--it makes the feeling more sensitive and....nice!

  So, now that we've got hair handled, is there anything else on vagina grooming, or adornment you'd like to add?

  For a quick trim, my boyfriend's electric shaver works wonders! Just don't tell him I told you that. 0:-)

  Anything you'd like to ask?

  Am I the only one that has ever used shampoo on it? And conditioner?

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