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    vagina style  

  vagina style 74

  vagina style 74

  What's your current vagina style method?


  Has it changed over the years?

  off and on (literally), depending on how adventurous I was feeling or the preferences of my partner at the time

  When was the first time you thought of your vagina look?

  when I saw the movie "Deep Throat" back in the 70's

  Where did you learn about your options?

  movies, pictures, deep discussions with girlfriends over bottles of wine, and most recently the internet

  DIY - or salon?



  Got any great styling stories to tell?

  not really; i go Sphynx so there is no "styling" involved. Occasionally I'll put on a temporary tatoo there (the ones for the lower back work really great). My husband likes the variety.

  Compared to hair, face, body, fitness -
how important to you is your vagina style routine?
(a) for everyday
  just as needed with the occasional shave or epillator

  (b) prior to an evening of romance

  same as above; touchups as needed

  So, now that we've got hair handled, is there anything else on vagina grooming, or adornment you'd like to add?

  already listed in "styling stories"

  Anything you'd like to ask?


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