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Vulvodynia – the pain you can't explain  
Vulvodynia is a painful chronic vulvar disease with enormous discomfort and pain. Complaints range from burning, stinging, swelling, itching, irritation and rawness of the female genitalia; however, Vulvodynia pain is highly individualized. The condition varies in persistence and location. Pain may be constant or intermittent, localized or diffuse. In many cases of Vulvodynia, pain occurs spontaneously.

Currently there is no cure for Vulvodynia.

Vulvodynia interferes with daily functioning, such as sitting walking and most other physical activity. It often affects one's ability to engage in sexual activity. It can impair one's ability to work, and participate in a social life. These limitations often lead to depression and thoughts of suicide.

It is common for a woman to consult up to 12 doctors before obtaining an accurate diagnosis.


vulvodynia support
If you suffer from Vulvodynia and you're looking for support, check out vulvodyniasupport.com, a web site is run by a Vulvodynia sufferer "who decided it was time to take the bull by the horns! Translation: It is time to get ourselves heard and helped!!!! In addition to medical information, this website will provide you with a list of doctor's in your area and information on support groups all over the world".

Vulvodynia – working toward a cure  
  Check out the Call to Action at vulvodyniasupport.com

excerpted from the Open Letter to DOCTORS, DRUG COMPANIES AND RESEARCHERS:

..."We need ongoing and multiple approached researchers to learn the underlying cause of Vulvodynia. We need proper care and medications that help control the pain and discomfort, that helps all forms of Vulvodynia patients to cope with their daily lives. We need dedicated professionals to start and continue researching this disease until a cure is found. We need compassionate professionals to join in the fight against the ignorance that engulfs the sufferers of the disease. We need dedicated people who are committed to figuring out what causes Vulvodynia, and how to treat and cure Vulvodynia..."

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Hospital are currently looking for volunteers to participate in research studies concerning the mechanisms of pain in vulvodynia (a chronic pain syndrome of the vulvar and vaginal area). For more information, check out vulvodyniasupport.com

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