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my favorite word for vagina is...

"Bajingo, although I only really use this as a joke and don't really get the chance to say it often hehe"

when talking with my friends, I call a vagina a...

  "Fanny, fadge, fajhita (jokingly), vagina or when I'm feeling shy I just look shifty and say 'y'no, down there'."

when having sex, I call a vagina a...

  "Vagina, although to be honest I don't really call it anything during sex, it's not necessary for it to be referred to directly by name, if you know what I mean."

when I was little, my mother called a vagina a...

  Front bum! Other words such as moneybox and strangley 'pidgeon hole' were used. Nowadays she calls it a vagina or a kipper when she's joking. And growing up before we developed breasts they were called 'ninnies'. Ahha good times.

when I (or if I were to) talk to my daughter about her vagina, I (would) call it a...

  "I'd probably follow in my mother's footsteps and call it a front bum while she was little, and then when she's grown up, I'd call it a vagina."

this conversation makes me think...

  "Of my childhood and all the funny names that were used for vagina. And also how much I hate the 'c' word, it's horrible! And the 'p' word aswell come to think of it."

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vagina names
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