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 vagina names - what do you call it?  

vagina names 79

  vagina-names questionnaire response 79  
my favorite word for vagina is...

kitty, pussy, coochie, the Goddess, Mother Earth

I like 'punanny' though it sounds silly. 'Panocha' is sexy, too. and I love the sanskrit word 'yoni' -- sounds so soft and magical and romantic. Why don't I use 'yoni' more often???

'Cunt' still hits me like a slap in the face. And I challenge men all the time when they call each other 'pussies.' Excuse me -- but if you CAME from a pussy and you're always looking to FIND some pussy, why do you hurl that word around like an insult, like pussy is a bad thing?

when talking with my friends, I call a vagina a...

  kitty [meow....]
my stuff/my thang
clit [that's where the REAL pleasure is!]

  when having sex, I call a vagina a...

  pussy. my boyfriend calls me 'squirty' because I have MASSIVE orgasms with ejaculation!

  when I was little, my mother called a vagina a...

  mostly 'down there' and sometime 'vagina'

she wouldn't talk to me about sex unless I initiated the conversation. she was taught that kissing made you pregnant, so she was too embarrassed to talk openly. now that I am almost 30 and worked in adult entertainment, I talk VERY openly with her, and she appreciates it. As conservative as she is [church lady], and even when it makes her uncomfortable, she is GLAD that things are different and us women are claiming our bodies and our sexualities.

  when I (or if I were to) talk to my daughter about her vagina, I (would) call it a...

  'vagina' and 'special place.' I want her to know it is both.

  this conversation makes me think...

  it is so great to have this global conversation and document our social-sexual evolution as a species. It also makes me think about asking my boyfriend what his favorite words are for both the female AND male repro organs... Also makes me think about how there are so many euphemisms for the vagina/vulva, but the major source of pleasure, the clitoris, has almost none at all ['clit' is just an abbreviaton].

Imagine calling the penis a 'pen' or the testicles the 'tests' and the vagina a 'vag'! :-)

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vagina names 78

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