Facing down rejection and exclusion because you’re a woman is something we do for each other.

Until it’s done.

Actively reconsidering women’s places—

RBG (the Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary)

“I ask no favor for my sex. … All I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks.”—Ruth Bader Ginsburg quoting Sarah Grimke (19th century anti-slavery, feminist activist).

Lithwick, Dahlia. “The New Documentary About RBG Reveals She’s Not the Woman the Memes Make Her Out to Be.” Slate Magazine, Slate, 30 Apr. 2018, slate.com/culture/2018/04/rbg-the-new-documentary-reviewed.html.

A Woman’s Thing Podcast

“We can’t pretend we have equality because we don’t…The progress we’ve made can disappear in a second…”—quoting artist, Betty Tompkins, talking with art dealer, Sara Kay, about how things have changed, and where they haven’t.

A Women’s Thing Podcast Episode 2: Sara Kay & Betty Tompkins.” SoundCloud, 2018, soundcloud.com/user-387172339/a-womens-thing-podcast-sara-kay-betty-tompkins.

Interior Scroll

She didn’t want to pull a scroll out of her vagina, but the disconnect between women’s experiences of our bodies vs how our bodies are represented, and expected to behave, made it necessary.

“The female form was idealized, fetishized, and contemplated, while the fundamental experiences of the body were considered to be unclean Pandora’s boxes.” —quoting Carolee Schneemann in 1991’s “The Obscene Body/Politic” via the @hyperallergic article “Forty Years of Carolee Schneemann’s ‘Interior Scroll’” by Quinn Moreland, published August 29, 2015.

So, in a performance back in August 29, 1975, Carolee pulled the interior scroll out of her vagina and read it to the audience. Forty years ago. A little over.

I see her point. It’s a long distance. We’d better get started crossing it.

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The Sister Chapel

Cascone, Sarah. “’The Sister Chapel’ Is Resurrected After 37 Years.” Artnet News, Artnet News, 27 Mar. 2016, news.artnet.com/exhibitions/sister-chapel-feminist-art-installation-443120.

Billie Jean King

Role mode for creating change, fueled by the principles of equality, empowerment and access.


“We thank you. You who put yourself out there. Made space at the table. Served up the truth.”



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