The women who made v-portraits with me ranged in age from 19-60. They may, or may not, have been comfortable with their bodies, or familiar with their vaginas. There were no requirements in order to pose, other than to be over 18. I don’t know what their sexual orientation was, or whether they’d ever given birth, or had sexual intercourse—unless it came up in conversation, and if it did, I didn’t make a note of it.

I didn’t survey them on the way in, or ask them to review anything on the way out. I hoped they would feel comfortable. I didn’t think about much else. I prepared the space for the shoot, blacked out the windows with lawn garbage bags and set up the really-bright lights.

Most of the women and I met for the first time when they arrived at my door to make a v-portrait.

I never stopped being amazed by this.

Women were showing up and talking with me, making v-portraits, and responding to questionnaires about our vagina experiences. We were having the conversation.

All kinds of conversations you wouldn’t typically have with someone you hardly knew, or have at all, unfolded during the photo-sessions. 

I didn’t record any of it. There were no questions that I needed to ask. I wasn’t studying anything. I just held the space, and we shot vagina portraits. It was breath-taking.  

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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