Over the weekend, I came across a pop-up experience, NoChoice Travel. First-Class Travel for Second-Class Citizens.

Who are the second-class citizens? NY women who are pregnant and in need of healthcare later in their pregnancies.

Health risks can arise later in pregnancy and oftentimes conditions that impact the woman’s health or the fetus’ survival are not detectable until later in pregnancy. In these cases, patients and their doctors need options, not restrictions. I didn’t realize that we were restricted in New York. 

But it’s, true: New York’s abortion law doesn’t meet the Roe standard. And with Roe being threatened at the federal level, it is more important than ever for states to protect access to abortion with no patient left behind.

These are some examples of cases where patients were affected by the state’s current law:

  • A woman whose cancer worsened with pregnancy, who wanted to spend what remained of her life with the young child she already had.
  • A 12-year-old-girl whose sexual assault and pregnancy with undiscovered for 26 weeks.
  • A woman whose fetus could not survive.

Many of those patients are then forced to travel to one of a handful of providers elsewhere in the country for care. In addition to travel costs, they’ll pay up to $30,000 of their own money for a procedure they should be able to get here at home and covered by their medical insurance.

And those are the lucky ones, because they can afford to receive the care they need.

Some are forced to continue a troubled pregnancy, risking their health until it threatens their life. Others carry a doomed pregnancy to the end, and endure childbirth, but without hope for a healthy child.

The Reproductive Health Act (RHA), sponsored by Liz Krueger can fix this.

To quote Senator Krueger: “New York must be a national leader in protecting abortion access, ensuring that complex and personal decisions about reproductive healthcare are the sole responsibility of a woman and her medical providers. The rights of New York State families should be fully protected by New York State laws.

You can check whether your State Senator supports the RHA at https://www.rhavote.com/ and vote accordingly on Nov 6th.

All of the above I learned (and cribbed) from visiting NoChoice Travel, and this site, Talk Like a Pro.  Here are some basic facts.

Talk Like A Pro: New York 2018-10-15 07-05-32
I screenshot this Fast Facts image from Talk Like a Pro https://www.talklikeapro.com/

I’m still pretty uninformed about this, and intend to dig deeper. At the core of democracy and basic human rights, is sovereignty over your own body. No woman or child should be forced to carry a pregnancy to term.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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