In 2007, we kicked off our first Vagina Festival.

It was a visual and performance art experience, where we proudly and provocatively presented women’s most personal stories and most private parts.

It was a weekend event that celebrated the intersecting commonalities in women’s lives. And from that space of community, the participating artists asked us to consider what so many women endure daily–abuse, rape, sexual slavery and genital mutilation–and, to envision a world of peace and respect.

Vagina Festival was an opportunity to see, hear and talk about what too-rarely gets talked about.

A  space for conversation.

The first Vagina Festival was part of V-Day’s Worldwide Campaign to end violence against women. We did have some important conversations there. We didn’t go far enough. I mean I didn’t.

Vagina Festival 2007 took place in Agni Gallery in the East Village, NYC. 

This is one of the flyers I posted to invite artists.

Poster art above by @robyndesposito.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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