Instead of saying: Female Athlete, try just saying: Athlete because the term "athlete" is for people of ALL genders

As I prepare for the normal is diverse exhibition, I am struck more and more by how, in our world, it just is not seen as normal to be female.

That it has to be said, even suggested and requested over and over, continues to startle me. I’m going to catalogue instances like this post as I go. If only for my sanity.


Being female is a normal state, not an attribute.

And, by being female, I mean to include all the possible versions of our bodylives as females. So, yes, menstruating, having sex, giving birth, breastfeeding, etc. (or not doing so) is also a normal state.

This isn’t about words. It’s about the experience of being designating as other, not normal. What that does to you and what that says about the world we live in.

It really is time for us to match our ideas about what is normal to what is.

Don’t you think?

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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