normal is diverse
normal is diverse: a photography exhibition of 110 vagina portraits, so we can see ourselves for ourselves

I think about this a lot. What the project means to me, the conversations I’d like to have, or more like the conversations I’d like to start via these images, and frankly, I get sick of the sound of my voice pretty quickly into it.

So, I’d like to try something different.

If you can, I’d love to hear in your words, what you think vagina vérité is about and who this exhibition is for.

I’ll go first with what I’m thinking about today.

For me, this is about freedom, freedom from inherited ideas about who you’re supposed to be and what’s meaningful about your life—In short it’s about respect, because you have to have respect to live freely. Not sure how I get there from vagina portraits? I hear you, but I wanted to keep this short. I’m happy to get into it more if you like. Let me know.

Meanwhile, what do you think?

What is vagina vérité about? Who should see it?
What do you think, or hope, attendees will get out of it?

You can use this form to reply. It’s anonymous!

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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