Every time I hear about another setback, my reflex reaction is to tense hard and run away.

There is, as of yesterday, another restriction on abortions in our country: in Georgia from six weeks on, they are banned. So, that’s you missing one period to give you the heads up about your pregnancy, and then a max of two weeks to make the decision and make it happen, while maintaining your life —family, work, commitments, restrictions and considerations, like privacy and safety and money and time. Time. Enough time for everything and everyone you will need to do, think about, talk through and actually getting there to wherever there might be a clinic or hospital that will take care of you.

It’s not going to stop, this active pursuit of us. It feels like pursuit because indeed we are, being chased down. State by state, region by region. Hunted like slaves who got away. Temporarily safe in the next country over. Only we’re all here. And we’re not safe. We never were. Safe.

We have yet to be mentioned in our Constitution.

I have been taking so much for granted.


Image: Bleeding Hearts / Lovewall by jgoldcrown and passersby.

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