Stickers! The normal is diverse sticker is here! Two shown here on a hassock. A word not said often enough for how fun it is to say: hassock!

Almost a year ago, I exhibited vagina vérité in the Normal Is Diverse exhibition. That there is no right way to be has always been a core, underlying theme of the project, but it wasn’t THIS clear to me until I blurted it out, so nicely packaged, and with such force and settled sureness, when I was pressed to just say it already: Clearly and simply, why do I make vagina portraits?


Because we need to see ourselves for ourselves.

We need to KNOW it for ourselves: that normal is diverse.

That how you are is how you’re supposed to be. There is no other way.

Say it with me: Normal is diverse.

Clearly, I was working on this in some deep part of myself for years. In my conscious life, I rarely have any sureness. I mean, other than about how much space you’re taking up in just inside the subway door, your cologne, your use of Fabuloso, and the volume of a voice on your phone in a shared space. In these areas, I am totally sure that if I am aware of any of these even IN THE SLIGHTEST, then you have crossed a serious line, and should dial it back A LOT.

Anyway, we have stickers now.

The truth that lives in our bodies can now be found on our laptops and notebooks.

I printed lots. Lemme know if you want one. I will mail it to you.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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