Who should have authority over your body?

Over what it looks like.

Over what you can do with it.

And where.

Over what can be done to it.

By whom and for what reason.

Over what services are available for its care, comfort, safety, self-expression and quality of life.

And what access to services looks like for you.

Whether availability and access are the same for everyone…

What else should we consider?

What do you think?

Who should have authority over our bodies?

Please post your thoughts in the comments. On these this topic, these questions. On anything that this brings up for you. Experiences. Feelings. Questions. Are all welcome here.

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Tell me about an individual or organization having this conversation.

This conversation is for and about all of us…I’m working on ways to connect us.

And…if you’re in, or near, NYC on Nov 30th, there’s an event for women (self-identified) — a vagina vérité art-&-conversation experience where we will explore these questions, and many others that arise, in a zone of safety and freedom where we can have conversations we don’t usually get to have about our bodylife experiences. “Telling our own stories” takes place from 3-5pm at merge new york. For more info and tickets…

I would love to hear what you think. 

What matters to you.

What you need.

For yourself.

For the women and girls in your life.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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