Self-expression is one of my top three values. It’s taken me forever to identify them, my core values.

It’s one of those exercises that you do when taking a “designing your life” seminar or coaching session, to clarify what you really really want for yourself, and how to go about making it happen…or similarly, when you’re building out your business. It clarifies things for the people you hope to work with and serve. What is it that you’re about? What can we expect you to care about, prioritize, base your decisions on? Underneath it all, what matters to you?

For ages, I would end up with a value list too long to be useful. I want to do the right thing. Mostly, values are right-thing-feeling things, so I’d agree with one after the other after the other…

It just struck me that I actually DIG my rabbit holes…

I’m not really sure how it happened, but recently, I got to the bottom of all my lists. Knocked ‘em down to three.

Equity, self-expression and kindness. These are the things that I strive to bring into, and hope to find wherever I am.

Self-expression… Not just my own. Everyone’s. That’s where equity and kindness kick in.

What do you think? Can we do it?

Can we reframe reality so that it’s intentionally and effectively designed for everyone’s self-expression? I know it’s insanely complex and complicated…but the insanity is temporary. It comes from an expectation of sameness, of familiarity and generalized understanding necessarily being the truth (about others), that gets between us and living in the diversity that is inherent in being human.

The painting in the image above, “Renata 19”, is by Hektad.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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