It’s harder than it should be to understand, live through, or get support for even routine bodylife events. Not to mention the confusing, painful and debilitating bodylife events that emerge and take over our lives.

I believe there is way more pain, confusion and shamed silence than we realize.

Hard things become normal. You don’t want to complain. You make do. You work around what you’re feeling. You don’t know who to ask, or where to go for help.

Has this happened to you?

So, medical gaslighting…That’s when you do go for help, you go see a doctor, and not only do you not get the information you need, but you’re treated as if what you know about your experience in your own body is not important, incorrect or a misunderstanding on your part. The doctor’s view and know-how are the authority.

What do you know?

About your experience.

I believe this is way more common than we realize.

I don’t think that doctors necessarily realize what they’re doing in those moments. Still…

To quote the Nov 21, 2019 New York Times article “Thank God for Judy Blume” by Dr. Jen Gunter, “Many women have experienced medical gaslighting — having their symptoms dismissed and being told their lived experience is imagined. Women tell me this makes them feel uniquely broken, as if something is wrong with their body only.”

As if something is wrong with their body only.

Sound familiar?

I’m collecting stories. It’s confidential. The form I use does not extract or request any information about you. I’ll receive only what you choose to write about yourself and your experience. I think the first step is the opportunity to be heard.

You can share your experiences here. I will hear them with the respect they deserve.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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