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About the site is a space for conversation on vagina-related subjects

It’s a companion to the vagina vérité® v-portrait book project. The original ran from 2000-2013. It included questionnaires, articles, links and information on vagina-related subjects.

During the summer of 2018, I decided to reboot the project, and I started this version of the website, a blog-based version, to fully insert myself into the work that is ahead, that I don’t fully understand, but just know has to happen.

You might think that someone who photographed over 100 vagina portraits, produced events and the 1500+page website and everything else over the course of ten years was fully in it, but truth be told, even while I held salons and exhibitions in my apartment, on the inside: I always tried to stay out of it, to become invisible. It seemed like whatever I brought to it was beside the point. Even writing about this, it feels like waaaaaay too much me and that I should get back to work.

So, while I’m still not comfortable with it—indeed, sitting here at the keyboard, I keep tryyyyying to write my way elsewhere before I hit save,—I am affirming: we’ll go forward like this. (Emphasis here is for me). It’ll be blog-based. I will write and invite you to exhibitions and events online and IRL, and do my best to create space for conversations we don’t usually get to have.

What will you find here?

The menu at the top pretty much covers it. Home takes you to the blog. yOur Stories is where you’ll find a series of questionnaires on vagina-related subjects. I’m in the process of re-posting the ones we used to have on 1.0. It’d be awesommme if you felt like replying to one or two of them. It’s all anonymous. A way to share our stories. More on that to come! The rest is invitations to attend (exhibitions, salons, etc.) and to connect. It’s early days for v2. I have ideas about the next few steps, but other than the blog part, which I’m stuck with the lead on, the space is yOurs. I want to collaborate. Your ideas are and feedback are appreciated and welcome.

The site’s mission is to:

    • encourage conversations about vaginas,
    • advocate care and respect for women’s bodies,
    • celebrate individual expression of bodylife and sexuality,
    • inspire curiosity, and
    • promote compassion.

Mainly though, it’s to help deliver the message that when it comes to the female body, normal is diverse, valued, worthy.

So is just being female.

Who is it for?

While focuses on women and women’s body experiences, it warmly welcomes everyone. Really? Everyone? Well, almost. Here’s who I think about as I work on the book and this site.



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