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Past Art & Conversation Experiences

Bodylife Library Lab 01 took place on Sunday, 12-Jan-2020. It was the very first, of what I intend to be an ever-expanding web of shared spaces, where we deconstruct the assertion that: When it comes to women’s bodies, not just how they look, but our bodylife experiences, there’s a lot more noise than information, conversation or care.

Telling Our Stories, took place on Saturday 30-Nov-2019. At the heart of this experience was the intention that we not only see ourselves for ourselves, but we also that we hear each other, and learn from each other. That it’s the sharing of our personal stories that we can collectively empower ourselves.

The Ganesh presents: vagina vérité, An Art & Conversation Experience took place on Saturday, 05-Oct-2019 from 2-4 pm at Merge New York, Chinatown, NYC. Ganesh founder Kim Thai and I co-created this program, with the intention of forging a deeper connection to the truth inside our bodies and the stories we each bring into the world for the women who attended to take out into the world.

The Normal Is Diverse exhibition took place in New York City, at Ludlow Studios on the Lower East Side, on Saturday 08-Dec-2018. I installed 110 vagina portraits on three walls, and on a fourth established a space for everyone to post their thoughts IRL. You can read them one by one here.

This is where you post your thoughts IRL.
This is where you post your thoughts IRL.

Future Exhibitions

Also, if you have any ideas on a good space for a vagina vérité Art & Conversation Experience, you can suggest a location (your city, a venue you like) here. 

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