A vagina vérité Art-&-Conversation Experience

At “Telling our own stories” attendees were given the opportunity to be seen as the subjects of our bodylife stories, not as the objects of someone else’s desire, beliefs, politics and quest for power, not defined by men, or by anyone, but as self-sovereign human beings, with complete authority over the course, meaning and value of our life experiences.

Inspired by our individual histories, preferences, dreams, suffering (too often in silence), loves, wants, needs and hopes, some that have never been given voice, we explored some of the ways our lives are shaped by how our personal bodylife experience is, and isn’t, reflected, supported and respected in our private lives and throughout the public landscape.

It was an opportunity to view the vagina portraits, a collective mirror of beauty and individuality, and to co-create the world vision that they signify, and that we imagine.

Shared experiences like this activate individual power, and individual power fuels collective expansion. Join us!

This experience was for women who are biologically female, or identify as women. It’s different every time, as unique as the women who attend.

What did we experience in this program?

A zone of safety and freedom where women can

  • View a photography exhibition of over 100 vagina portraits. No stylists, no details about the model, just the elusive faces of the vagina in plain view;
  • Participate in conversations women don’t usually get to have—across the immeasurably wide landscape of what it is to live a female bodylife, in a space where everyone who is biologically female and/or identifies as a woman is welcome and included;
  • Meet other women and expand our understanding of each other;
  • Reflect on ourselves and our families, communities and personal histories; 
  • Continue or initiate personal inquiries and discovery;
  • Gain some bodylife-knowledge, through our different experiences and through similarities (sometimes we need validation to know what we know!).

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