Women’s vagina first-times: story 01


My earliest memory of my vagina is… knowing it was taboo with my mother
When I was little, my mother told me… almost nothing about it
When my friends and i first talked about our vaginas… we looked at each others and played with each others
When I got my first period… I was frightened
The first time I shared my vagina with someone else… with friends, it was curiosity as well as arousal. With my first boyfriend, he fucked me and came quickly, then I touched myself afterwards which I enjoyed. I wished he had done it though.
What I told/would tell my daughter about her vagina… I have a daughter. She knew so much more than I did anyway from her friends, the education system and the internet. However, I have talked with her about periods, sex etc.
This conversation makes me think… How part of me is angry with my own mother. My father was much more helpful to me in terms of in formation and open-ness and comfortable conversations.

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