women’s clubs

Blue Light, oil on canvas, 1998.
Blue Light, oil on canvas, 1998.

I generally spend much of my time on my own, but lately, I am looking to connect in different ways, not just the 1:1 I usually go for. Something about facing more than one person at a time has always made me self-conscious, and that just adds one more viewer to the scene! Bogging me down further.

Lately though, because I’m looking to invite as many women as I can to see the vagina portraits in December, I’m showing up for more group activities. Still towing along performance anxiety, or whatever it is, that separates me in these situations, but attending anyway.

Last night it was a dinner hosted by Techfest Club. It’s a community for women in tech in NYC. We were supposed to end at 9, but pretty much everyone just kept on talking. Interesting, accomplished, open, generous women. Meetup info is here.

How about you? Are you a member of any women’s clubs?