An invitation to women to participate in bodylife conversations

When it comes to living a female bodylife, to uncover what it is that we need in order to live a healthy and satisfying female bodylife, and to do so on our own terms, I’m holding wide-ranging one-on-one conversations with women, and by women, I mean to include everyone who is biologically female, or who self-identifies as female, about our experiences, struggles, questions, hopes and desires. Our talks will inspire and inform conversation spaces and artworks, and are a part of research and development for the Bodylife Library. 

I record the talk, and get it transcribed, so that I can just listen to you, without the distraction of notetaking. Figure on half an hour, closer to an hour for our call. There is nothing to prepare. Everyone’s bodylife experiences are relevant. Promise.

If this moves you, and you’d like to be part of building an index for female bodylife information, experiences and services, then sign up! This will only happen if we do it together. 

Bodylife conversation call recording details

The calls are conducted in English, and if it’s not your primary language, and you’d like to do a call, please sign up. The call itself is an internal tool. It’s not a public stage where we need to perform. If we have any difficulty understanding each other’s accents, we’ll just help each other through. I think my New York accent is getting thicker by the day actually.

The recordings will remain private unless you like the idea of your voice becoming a public part of the project. We’ll go over everything beforehand. Questions are welcome. Privacy, safety and respect are core values here

Scheduling a bodylife conversation call

If you’re up for a call, you can check out available dates and times, and schedule a 1:1 bodylife conversation here. Available days and times of day will vary. Click on a date to see open time slots. Once you select a time, you’ll see the signup form.

We can do these calls over the phone if you’re in the U.S. I would dial you with the recording already started, merge our call into the recording, and then it would be a phone call like any other. You’ll want to find a quiet place to minimize background noise.

If you’re outside the U.S., we would use Skype. If you haven’t used Skype lately, or ever, and need help getting set up with it, I can help you. Email me at alex @ vagina (no spaces) or use the contact form. We’ll get connected to each other on Skype, and I’ll dial you for an audio-only call. No video for this. Just find a quiet place to take the call to minimize background noise.

Also, if you’re not seeing a call time that’s good for you, send me a note and let me know what works for you. This phase of the project is just beginning, and will no doubt change and grow as we learn from each other. I will be blogging about it’s progress, and welcome your feedback and questions.